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Modern family, timeless God

I didn’t have a cell phone growing up. Did you? Today, more than half of children in the U.S. have a smart phone by age 11. And more than 80 percent of teenagers today have their own phones.

It certainly is a modern world we’re living in, bringing all sorts of new challenges and rendering some traditional activities archaic.

Thankfully, our God does not change. Our timeless, unchanging God guides and blesses our families through the everchanging world. How does He guide us? It’s not through Google Maps or Waze. He guides us as we gather at our family tables around His Word.

It often seems like Satan is guiding our world. He certainly creates enough traps and temptations to lure our children away from God. But Jesus has already defeated Satan! As soon as that devil ruined God’s perfect creation by tempting Adam and Eve to sin, God promised a Savior from sin. God sent his own Son to crush the devil’s head by resisting his every temptation and dying on the cross to pay for every sin. After Jesus rose from the dead, He ascended into heaven where He now lives and rules and guides all things for our good.


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever . - Hebrews 13:8


Our never-changing God gave us His never-changing Word to remind us that He is with us and to guide us away from the devil’s snares. God’s Word provides the strength and hope we need to navigate our families: He gives us strength to resist the devil and his temptations, and He gives us strength to endure suffering and evil. He also gives us strength to trust that he has prepared a new, perfect life for us in heaven.

We only need to do one thing – keep our families connected to God’s Word. The more we gather our families at the family table, the more He will guide us. The more He will comfort us in times of trouble. The more he will bless us in daily living. The more He will give us hope for today even as we wait for eternity.

Your modern family trusts in a timeless God. We pray that the resources at My Family Table will help your modern family reap the blessings of our timeless God as you read, learn and live His Word.

May God bless you through this changing world and into his timeless eternity.

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