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Good relationships are built with good communication.
Good communication starts with listening.


If you truly want your family to have a relationship with God, communicate with Him. Start by simply hearing His Word. Talk about what it means to obey Him, why you would want to obey Him. You do not have to have all the answers. You can simply make your home one in which God is welcome and His Word is a part of your family life. And you know what? The Holy Spirit will work in your heart as you read the Word. He promises that. Even if you don’t understand everything as you’re reading it.  


The six handouts linked here help you understand a little bit more about the Bible. That way, as you are reading from it, you have a big picture understanding of the book you are reading - God’s story - God’s communication with you. 


Read through the modules, either alone or with your family. If you wish, you can expand your devotional conversations by using the Bible passages listed at the end of each module.


Oh, and there’s a simple timeline posted here to - a great resource to help you follow the chronology of the many stories within the Bible.


And now, it’s time to get started. You got this. Or better yet, God’s got this. He will bless your time as you listen to Him.

This study is based on the e-Book by Author Kenneth Kremer. Large portions of these modules come from Kenn’s work. A former principal, teacher, family counselor, public speaker, and published author; Kenn is a fierce advocate for enriching and improving the faith life of the Christian family.

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