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Here are some of our favorite books, websites, and other resources for studying God's Word at home.

Chosen Gen Ministry

Chosen Gen Ministry creates discipleship resources that encourage parents in their Christian faith and equip parents to disciple their children to be lifelong followers of Jesus. Chosen Gen offers a foundational guide for parents, a regular podcast, and Bible studies for families. Learn more at

WELS Family Devotions

WELS Family Devotions is a series featuring bible readings with a brief devotion for families and age-appropriate questions to encourage discussion afterward. The devotions are also offered as recordings in case you'd like to listen to the devotion rather than read it. We recommend reading it if you are able to do so. Even if you're not a Bible expert, and even if your voice doesn't have the smooth qualities of a professional announcer, we believe children benefit when they hear their parents reading God's Word. And perhaps older children can join in reading as well. Find the devotions at 

The Story

The Story is a chronological Bible that reads like a novel. There are no verse references, and Scripture segments are seamlessly woven together with transition text into a single grand narrative. For those intimidated or overwhelmed by the whole Bible, The Story helps people understand God’s Word more fully and engage with it more easily. There are books available for various age levels so that adults, teens, and children can progress together through the story of God's love for all people. The Story can be ordered through many Christian book stores.

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