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Many people are visual learners. God understands this. He created us with senses. And he has filled his book with verbal illustrations for people who read it. Some of these images are found throughout Scripture: light, trees, blood, rivers, temples, altars, harvests, stars, bread, water, doors, gardens, deserts, valleys, mountains, sheep, slaves, cities, banquets, kingdoms, families. They work together to bring God's story into vivid focus. From these images, we gather information about our Lord's character, his will, and his work. We also discover ourselves in God's family album.

How can your family members begin to understand God? How can you create the rich conversations and wrestle with the difficult questions? The best way to do that is to start reading the Bible. At, we're creating lots of ways and providing lots of suggestions for you to do just that. THE GALLERY happens to be our favorite.

May your visits to The Gallery open new vistas of Bible understanding for you and the other members of your family. 


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The Gallery


Please be our guest as you tour Part 1 of The Gallery. As you finish Part 1, we would love to hear your feedback on the experience.

Arms Up

The Gallery Part 2

Children of the Light

Our gallery tour today begins in total darkness. There is no one here ... except God. He is with us ... even in the dark. Before God created the universe, no light existed, not even the tiniest glimmer of light. Learn how Creation Week began by reading Genesis 1:3-5.

The Gallery Part 3

A Good Day

God flipped the switch. The light is on. Our eyes, minds, and hearts can see clearly now. That's good because we need to uncover a few more truths from the previous tour.

The Gallery Part 4

A Dry Place

If you are interested in science, study Genesis 1:6-8. It describes the origin of the atmosphere, air and clouds. It's fascinating stuff! But we're looking for something more photogenic today. We need a dry place to stand to take our photographs. Read Genesis 1:9-10.

The Gallery Part 5

The Generational Lens

With the creation of light, sky, air, atmosphere, and the separation of the waters from the land, the environment was ready. The massive, earth-moving project to create a dry place for humans to live was God's final touch. Learn what happened next as you read Genesis 1:11-12.

The Gallery Part 6

The Image

God prepared the environment and planted vegetation. He placed the sun, moon, and stars into the heavens. Fish and birds came next. The landscape came alive with sounds and movements. All that in just five days. On the sixth day land animals made their first appearance. To learn what else happened on day six, read Genesis 1:26-27.

The Gallery Part 7

The Matchmaker

The whole world remembers how God introduced Eve to Adam, though it is an unusual way for a budding young romance to begin. In chapter two we learn that Adam was alone; there were no other humans. God knew Adam's needs, that it was not good for him to be alone. And he had a plan to help Adam understand what he was missing. To learn about God's plan, read Genesis 2:15-25.

The Gallery Part 8

All Good!

Every system in the universe worked perfectly. No accidents, no need for surgery or medical tests, no deadly viruses. No lies. No fatalities or funerals. Every detail functioned as it had been designed (Psalm 104:24). God wanted to confirm that his work was of the highest quality, so he inspired Moses to record the words of Genesis 1:10, 12, 18, 21, 25, 31.

The Gallery Part 9

The Blessing

The Creator cares about all living creatures—those walking, crawling, swimming, and on the wing above the earth. We know that God blessed the water creatures and flying creatures (Genesis 1:22). God was committing his power to making sure these species would reproduce their own kind for many generations to come. A blessing from God is a big deal, even for tiny creatures. Read Genesis 1:28, ... just the first three words.

The Gallery Part 10

The Seventh Day

Creating the man and woman was the last item on God's To-Do List. Everything in the new universe was custom-made for its human inhabitants. Creation was complete. So, the Creator stopped creating (Psalm 118:24). Read Genesis 2:1-3.   

The Gallery Part 11

Not a Pretty Picture

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so it's been said. Maybe. Experienced photographers know that one or two of their worst photos have a hidden flaw that gives them a special beauty of their own. Today we are going to view an image so disturbing you will want to look away. Yet, from this hideous figure a masterpiece emerges. Only this masterpiece didn't happen by chance; it came about by God's grace. Read Genesis 3:1-19.

The Gallery Part 12

The Flawed Jar

Today we will look at an Old-Testament parable that teaches us about God keeping his promise to intervene on behalf of sinners. The parable comes from the prophetic writings of Jeremiah. The scene is a potter's workshop. As we enter his work area, we see the potter creating a masterpiece from a ball of mud made of clay and water. The piece of art that he is forming will be a masterpiece. First read Genesis 2:7; then read Jeremiah 18:1-6.

The Gallery Part 13

A New Wardrobe

Today we step into the world of high fashion to review a new clothing line. The designer was God. The new ensemble was a gift. God wanted to show Adam and his wife that he would continue to take care of their needs. Read Genesis 3:21.

The Gallery Part 14

The Lord's Sword

No one knows where the Garden of Eden was located. There are no maps. No landmarks. One Bible fact about The Garden is often overlooked: God actually placed two special trees in the garden. Read Genesis 3:22-24.

Girl with Drawing

Are you enjoying The Gallery? There are more parts to come!

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