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Christmas Pine Tree

Christmas Gathering

Merry Christmas! As you begin/end your day take the time to pray.

Use one or both of the prayers below. Make talking with God a habit in your household.


We pray:

Lord Jesus, though you are the eternal Son of God, you became human to be our Savior. You were conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary in fulfillment of promise and prophecy. Thank you for coming to live a perfect life in our place and die on the cross for our sins. Help us to now live for you, the one who lived for us. Amen.


Savior Jesus, you are the Word by which God created the whole world. Now you are the Word made flesh. You were born of a woman so that we could be born of God. You came to live among us so that we could live with you. Thank you for becoming fully human while remaining fully God to save us from our sin. Amen.

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