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Here are your Genesis Reading & Discussion Guides designed to impress God's Word upon the hearts of your family members as you read and discuss together.

Talk about your day. Check-in to see how everyone is doing. Share blessings and challenges. This will help you connect God’s word to your daily lives.


Read Genesis at your own pace. This plan is divided into ten parts with 4-5 chapters per part grouped by character. That will allow you to finish in ten weeks if you read about a chapter a day. However, there is no rush. Read as much or little as you want or have time to do. Give yourself some time to meditate and discuss what you’ve read. Mark off the sections as you go!

The Family Impressions Bible Study was developed by Pastor Ben Berger.

Genesis 1 - 5

Genesis 12 - 16

Genesis 22-26

Genesis 32-36

Genesis 42-45

Genesis 6 - 11

Genesis 17 - 21

Genesis 27-31

Genesis 37-41

Genesis 46-50

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